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The Elizabeth Mazurek brand was created out of passion for fashion, the desire to create something new, experience, inspiration and curiosity about the world. Clothes are designed with women in mind, but without defining them. The basic assumption of the brand is to make every woman feel special and be an inspiration for herself. The brand is focused on quality, noble fabric and wearing comfort.

elizabeth mazurek

I design with a passion for creation. I am a designer and artisan. I draw my inspirations mainly from movies and books. In my projects, I combine the past with the future, minimalism with avant-garde, elegance with nonchalance and black with white. In clothes, I value their comfort and quality above all.

I graduated from:

        Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland

        Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design in Poland

Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (PL)
Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (PL)

“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress”

Hubert De Givenchy.

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”

Guccio Gucci

“A couturier must be an architect for design, a sculptor for shape, a painter for color, a musician for harmony and a philosopher for temperance”

Cristobal Balenciaga

Awards & Events: 

  1. … and what if Sherlock Holmes were a woman? Main award in Silver Knot competition Poznan / November 2021  See movie here:
  2. Dr W – “Creator of the Year Award”  PAM Poznan 2022. See movie here:
Poznan 2021
Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (PL)
Poznan 2022
Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz (PL)
Criminal Fashion Articlel; Moda w Polsce 2022, Elizabeth Mazurek